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What is this about?

This is a shopping assistant to find you the best and cheapest offers for Magic, The Gathering™ cards.

It will automatically compare prices and find the cheapest card orders at the

You can also use this to print nice proxies with the current rules text to use them while you're waiting for your cards to appear in your mailbox.

How does this work?

Start at the box on top by entering a name for your list of cards.
Afterwards you fill in the cards you want and once you've completed your Wantlist make this tool calculate the best orders to pay the cheapest prices including shipping costs.

Who created this?

This tool was created by Cristian, who didn't want to pay a lot of shipping fees when buying lots of cards.

Why do I need an account?

You don't need to have an account for this page. However having one enables these features:
  • Manage multiple Wantlists.
  • See cards from all your Wantlists in the alternative purchase recommendations.
  • Import and Export your lists to the
  • Download a list of your MagicCardMarket stock offers for Excel.
  • Easily add all cards to your shopping cart.
  • Manage your own private ignore lists of sellers.
  • Set default values for new card entries.
  • Save your default seller requirements.
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