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Upcoming Changes

Check this Blog-category for future plans.

Recent Changes

===== Changes =====
==== 25.07.2015 ====
  * Seller evaluations weren't updating correctly
==== 23.07.2015 ====
  * Fixed an issue where it would always claim that playset offers are no longer available when adding to the shopping cart.
  * Optimized time for the update of offers that weren't available any longer
  * Tweaked the mechanism to detect country blocks of sellers.
  * French translation updates.
==== 13.07.2015 ====
  * When adding offers to the shopping cart fails it will now give you a list of offers that couldn't be added. 
  * Added a detection method if a seller is blocking your country and add him to your ignore list.
==== 09.07.2015 ====
  * Polish translation update thanks to zozul.
==== 25.06.2015 ====
  * Catalan translation update thanks to zuperlopez.
==== 18.06.2015 ====
  * French translation update thanks to Elariand.
==== 12.06.2015 ====
  * Finished italian translation thanks to Mindereak.
==== 11.06.2015 ====
  * Fixed an issue where offers could not be added to the shopping cart when the price was modified by the seller
==== 06.04.2015 ====
  * Tableview (from share-menu) can now be sorted by column
  * Wantlist sorting by edition now sorts alphabetically
==== 19.02.2015 ====
  * Fixed moving/copying cards from shopping suggestion to another list after buying
  * Re-added option to update current prices on first suggestion
  * Stopping the Best Price calculator early will no longer show intermediate results. These are almost always bad.
==== 11.02.2015 ====
  * Calculations now take into account the maximum insurance value of tracked shippings
  * Shipping cost tooltip now gives more details
==== 15.01.2015 ====
  * Fixed edition select for token cards
==== 14.01.2015 ====
  * Added new cards from Fate Reforged
  * The price sum at the bottom of each wantlist does no longer include ignored cards
  * It was not possible to clear the edition requirement for cards
==== 09.01.2015 ====
  * Added Iceland as recipient country
  * Updated shipping costs from Belgium and Netherlands
==== 15.12.2014 ====
  * Finished Portuguese translation thanks to MikeTheGatherer.
==== 01.11.2014 ====
  * Updated Dutch translation thanks to SimJoo.
==== 30.11.2014 ====
  * Added shipping costs for Iceland
  * Updated shipping from Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Poland
==== 11.11.2014 ====
  * When buying more than one playset of the same offer, adding to shoppingcart would always say that the offer is no longer valid and reload
  * Selecting a playset offer from other offers of suggested seller would always fail for quantities not multiples of 4
  * Fine-tuning tooltips
  * Update card prices will now only queue relevant editions and versions when "tournament legal" is selected
  * Basic lands are always ignored when updating prices for all wantlists (too slow)
  * Receivew-View now correctly hides ignored and fully received wants
  * Misc Database tuning
==== 07.11.2014 ====
  * Fixed an issue where finding cards for their russian printed names didn't work
  * Updated the release dates for last few editions so they appear in the correct order and tournament formats are returned correctly
  * Updated French translations thanks to dieBrouzouf
  * Updated Catalán translation thanks to hardcrack
  * minor fixes
==== 31.10.2014 ====
  * Fixed a problem with updating prices.
==== 22.10.2014 ====
  * Fixed ignoring sellers and offers in suggestion view
  * Removed some erroneous french translations
  * minor bugfixes
==== 15.10.2014 ====
  * Fixed an error that would sometimes cause the suggestions to show less cardoffers than actually needed for cards needed more than once.
==== 09.10.2014 ====
  * Fixed an issue that blocked a few users from granting access to the MagicCardMarket account
==== 08.10.2014 ====
  * Fixed ignore sellers and offers from purchase recommendations
  * Minor style fixes
==== 01.10.2014 ====
  * During the same day you can now upgrade your Premium Plan without having to pay the full cost but only the difference.
==== 29.09.2014 ====
  * Upon encountering changed shipping costs the shopping cart is no longer empited automatically. You can either accept the changes or wait for the shipping costs to be updated.
  * Only Magic Singles can be imported into the Stock. Other items are ignored.
==== 23.09.2014 ====
  * Fixed Stock-Download for large stocks
==== 21.09.2014 ====
  * Added feature to download your stock as CSV file to edit in Excel. (From your user profile)
  * Translation updates.
==== 17.09.2014 ====
  * Import/Export of MCM wants should be working again.
==== 11.09.2014 ====
  * Updated Danish translation thanks to mixster.
  * Updated Italian translations thanks to buddha84.
==== 05.09.2014 ====
  * Removed the error pages for all API-related functions: Import/Export Wantslist, add suggestions to shopping cart
  * Bug and link fixes
==== 04.09.2014 ====
  * Doubled to reward for translators!
  * Import/Export of MCM Wantslists is working again
  * Add to shoppingcart function is working again
  * You can now register with your email address. Your email will also be used to reset your password if you need and for important notifications.
  * Introducing Premium Plans for full access to premium features.
  * Forced to remove the option to buy premium credits with token cards on MCM.
  * All API keys have been invalidated. You can now grant access to your account (for import/export wants and shopping cart) using the button in your profile for 24 hours.
==== 22.08.2014 ====
  * Added Email to user accounts to recover lost passwords and other future features
==== 09.08.2014 ====
  * Fixed an error that caused smart price calculations to fail for larger lists.
==== 07.08.2014 ====
  * Smart Price calculation stopped working after a database crash the day before.
==== 28.07.2014 ====
  * Updated Catalan and Dutch translation
  * Cards from Conspiracy wouldn't update prices
  * Minor fixes
==== 13.07.2014 ====
  * Business-users are now correctly exempted from additional insurance fee
  * Updated Finnish translation thanks to jhavuka.
  * Updated Polish translations thanks to grimskies.
  * Minor bugfixes.
==== 06.07.2014 ====
  * Updated shippingcosts for Britain, Netherlands, France, Spain, Czech Republic
==== 05.07.2014 ====
  * You can now add sellers to your ignore list directly by name
  * Seller's names are no longer shown in suggestions
==== 03.07.2014 ====
  * Added format legality to the pricetrend of cards and also listed other versions under the editions
==== 25.06.2014 ====
  * Fixed a bug that allowed premium users to calculate less cards than unregistered users
==== 19.06.2014 ====
  * Updated changed shipping costs from Sweden
==== 18.06.2014 ====
  * Updated changed shipping costs from Spain
==== 07.06.2014 ====
  * Style and usability updates and fixes
==== 06.06.2014 ====
  * Updated shipping costs for Sellers from Austria and Spain
==== 30.05.2014 ====
  * Added a card search to the price list feature to see the price trend of a single card and some additional information about it
==== 29.05.2014 ====
  * Fixed an issue when adding the suggestions to the shopping cart and sellers have exceeded their permitted shipping volume
==== 27.05.2014 ====
  * More aggressive optimisations for Best Price Java Applet calculator
  * Fixed a crash related to playsets in Best Price results
  * Smart Price did not always update prices if needed
  * Fixed "Operation failed" when adding suggestions to the shopping cart
  * Added an error message when trying to import MCM wants with presale cards, which are not on the Gatherer
  * Minor style fixes
==== 25.05.2014 ====
  * Further speeded up Best Price Java Applet
  * Best Price now prefers sellers with higher number of sales if price is equal
  * Fixed shipping calculation error in Best Price
  * Fixed playset offer handling in Best Price
  * Sometimes Best Price would not update prices and crash
==== 23.05.2014 ====
  * Fixed an issue when updating prices
  * Speeded up Best Price Java Calculator
  * Fixed a bug in the applet which omitted good sellers under certain conditions
==== 22.05.2014 ====
  * Fast Calculation method is now called "Smart Price"
  * Both calculation methods are now available to everyone (including unregistered) for lists with up to 40 cards instead of 20.
  * Added Twitter stream to start page for latest news
==== 21.05.2014 ====
  * Updated shipping cost for Austria and others
  * Show warning if no offers could be found for a card when using the Best Price calculation method
==== 20.05.2014 ====
  * A few style modifications and fixes for the list views (share list)
  * Basic lands are now ignored by default unless an edition is selected
  * Price update shows the currently updated item
==== 14.05.2014 ====
  * Fixed a crash of the Java Applet in Opera Browser
==== 10.05.2014 ====
  * Java Applet calculator is now freely available for all
  * Removed All-in-one offers as this functionality is already provided by MCM's own Wantslist and generally not what you want. It also slowed down the site considerably.
  * When updating prices Premium users now have higher priority than registered users. Registered users have higher priority than anonymous users.
  * Integrated seller evaluation view
  * Now you can calculate up to 20 cards for free instead of 5.
  * Sellers' names for suggested offers are only shown to Premium users for suggestions with a total item value of €10 or more
  * The view on additional cards from suggested sellers now omits the offers from the current suggestions
  * Added Journey into Nyx Tokens
  * Removed a bunch of unnecessary warnings
  * Fixed a bug in the Java Applet which omitted good sellers under certain circumstances
  * Translation updates
  * Other bug fixes and style updates
==== 06.05.2014 ====
  * Hero cards added for Journey into Nyx, Theros and Born of the Gods
==== 01.05.2014 ====
  * Fixed an issue where the program would constantly claim that no offers are available
==== 30.04.2014 ====
  * Fixed a bug where the price update progress page would redirect you to the start page instead of the purchase recommendations
  * Fixed endless price update page loop
==== 29.04.2014 ====
  * Greatly reworked the way prices are updated to be much faster. Especially when many users are active.
  * Added more server power
  * Added Edition Journey into Nyx
  * Fixed a crash in Java Applet Calculator
==== 28.04.2014 ====
  * Maintenance downtime at 22:00 Central European Time for major upgrade
==== 25.04.2014 ====
  * It wasn't possible to select editions for split cards
  * Fix imagelist for cards without images
  * Fix for partial shopping cart additions where the shipping costs changed due to less cards
==== 24.04.2014 ====
  * Adaptations to changes on MCM. Price updates are slow now. To be fixed soon.
  * Fixed import of MCM wants
==== 23.04.2014 ====
  * Improved handling of ambiguous card names so that an exact english match always takes precendence. If not found the match in the current website language is chosen.
==== 22.04.2014 ====
  * Managed to negotiate reduced PayPal fees
  * Partial french translation update
==== 21.04.2014 ====
  * Ignoring Offers or sellers didn't work in suggestion view
  * Select/Deselect all offers to perform actions didn't work in suggestion view
==== 19.04.2014 ====
  * Updated to partial polish translation thanks to grimskies
  * Few link fixes that would unselect your chosen language
==== 16.04.2014 ====
  * Updated shipping costs from Slovenia
  * Fixed Professional Seller recognition and special shipping insurance
  * Simplified Premium system with only two levels.
  * Some design changes to make the calculator more visible
==== 15.04.2014 ====
  * Added PayPal as alternative to get premium credits
  * Exporting wantlists to MCM was broken if only one language was selected for a card
==== 14.04.2014 ====
  * Fixed language export to MCM wants
  * Fixed a crash in the Applet under special circumstances when comparing seller prices is not transitive for any number of items
  * Fix for crash of "Add-to-shopping-cart" function when playset offers become unavailable
  * Shopping cart must be empty before using the "Add-to-shopping-cart" function. Replaced crash with warning message.
==== 13.04.2014 ====
  * Improved handling of forced insurance.
  * Connection bugfixes
==== 12.04.2014 ====
  * Removed a feature from the Java Applet which allowed Playsets to overfulfil the demand (e.g. one playset for 3 needed cards) if the final cost was cheaper. It leads to massive increase in calculation time and makes it hard to predict the total runtime. It also led to crashes in some cases.
  * Completed italian and danish translation thanks to mixster and buddha84
  * Fixed an issue with the "add to shopping cart" function when adding playsets
==== 11.04.2014 ====
  * Updated shipping costs for Spain and Luxemburg
==== 07.04.2014 ====
  * Updates shipping costs for Sweden, France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Singapore
  * If a new seller has exceeded his maximum shipping volume and insurance has become mandatory, the "Add to shoppingcart" function will recognize this, ignore the seller, and recalculate.
  * bugfixes

==== 06.04.2014 ====
  * Got rid of the wiki and moved all contents into respective pages
  * Introduced new translation credits.
  * Translation updates.

==== 28.03.2014 ====
  * Fix: Marked all oversized cards from Commander's Arsenal as not tournament legal
==== 25.03.2014 ====
  * Fixed a crash when adding cards to the shopping cart
  * Minor tuning for prices update
==== 24.03.2014 ====
  * I think I've identified and fixed some crashes related to the applet usage and adding offers to the shopping cart
==== 16.03.2014 ====
  * Fixed a crash when updating prices when encountering certain sellers.
  * Fixed a crash under certain circumstances when importing a wantslist from MCM
==== 15.03.2014 ====
  * Fixed a bunch of problems related to export wantslist to MCM and adding suggestions to the shopping cart
  * When signing up it would always state that it could not connect to the MCM. It's fixed now.
==== 14.03.2014 ====
  * Major new Version of the MCWL. Following the list of changes:
  * Introduced a Java Applet to do the calculation for the best price while old algorithm still has its use for the calculation of larger lists which take too long for the exhaustive price search done by the applet and those who can't run Java applets.
  * Introduced Profile page where you can enter your MagicCardMarket API Key for Advanced Functions and review your [[Premium]] transactions
  * The function to Add Suggestions to the MCM Shopping Cart has been reworked to use the new MCM API. This way filling the Shopping Cart is much faster and you don't have to verify that all cards were actually added.
  * You can now directly Import and Export your lists from and to the MCM using your API Key.
  * You can no longer set custom insurance limits as this usually leads to results.
  * [[Premium]] system has been reworked and simplified:
    * Coupons are now replaced by Premium Credits. They don't expire and only the grand total matters.
    * If you still have Coupons you can still use them and they work as usual until their expiration time.
    * The function "Add selected Suggestions to Shopping Cart" will now charge your Premium Credits a 2% of the item value. If the total item value of the calculation is 10€ or less this function is free of charge.
    * You can still increase the allowed number of cards in your list by adding credits.
    * There is no more signup or referral bonus.
  * Lots of fixes in style and function
  * Unfortunately I have been rushed to this release so not all translations are done yet and there still may be a few bugs I didn't have the time to fix yet, such as:
  * Fix if trying to add to MCM shopping without API Key
  * Fixed dutch applet page
  * ...

==== 26.02.2014 ====
  * I'm looking for some native French speaker who can translate the upcoming version(s) of the MCWL in return for a permanent Premium status. Please [[contact]] me, if you're interested.
  * Shipping Cost updated

==== 23.02.2014 ====
  * Pricelist filters are now available for all.
==== 04.02.2014 ====
  * Fixed a bug that would only select offers from powersellers due to MCM Layout changes.

==== 29.01.2014 ====
  * Added cards from Born of the Gods and some premium edition cards
  * Shipping costs updated

==== 21.01.2014 ====
  * Adapted to latest layout changes on MCM
  * Minor style changes
  * Respect additional MCM Third party insurance fee. However it's still left in the dark when you are forced to use more expensive insured shipping.

==== 20.01.2014 ====
  * Updated shipping costs for almost all countries (all but a few exceptions got more expensive)

==== 27.12.2013 ====
  * Updated shipping prices for Austria, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland

==== 20.12.2013 ====
  * Fixed a bug that prevented that anyone from Great Britain or Czech Republic could sign up.

==== 15.12.2013 ====
  * Dutch translation kindly provided by framer
  * Updated all translated country names

==== 09.12.2013 ====
  * Portuguese translation updates by giventofly
  * Minor bugfix when trying to move a card with zero quantity

==== 08.12.2013 ====
  * Usability improvements and delete zero-quantity cards option

==== 04.12.2013 ====
  * Finally found and fixed a bug that caused mass-operations on lists with more than ~150 cards to fail without obvious reason.
  * Fixed some problems with registration and password change

==== 18.11.2013 ====
  * Finnish and Polish translation update

==== 30.10.2013 ====
  * Added Commander 2013 cards

==== 22.10.2013 ====
  * Links to MCM now should point to the same language as the one you view the MCWL with.
  * Minor bugfixes

==== 19.10.2013 ====
  * Shipping to Liechtenstein (LI) was not available, but Israel (IL) which crashed.

==== 18.10.2013 ====
  * Some Login and Registration usage fixes

==== 16.10.2013 ====
  * Added a button to the premium tab where you can book your premium token purchases.

==== 10.10.2013 ====
  * You can now buy premium tokens directly from the MagicCardWantlist account at MCM.
  * Disabled the options to ignore sellers and offers for anonymous users as it interfered with other (anonymous) users.
  * Fixed mixed up error messages

==== 07.10.2013 ====
  * Updated shipping costs from Germany, Estonia, France, Britain, Greece and Netherlands

==== 04.10.2013 ====
  * A few translation fixes and completions

==== 27.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed price history charts in pricelist and wantlist. The latter will now even reflect changes without saving them first.
  * Added a Bug Bounty Program which rewards you for reporting errors.
  * Other minor fixes.

==== 24.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed price history chart not updating

==== 23.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed export to MKM wants list
  * sellers are no longer pre-selected for purchase recommendations
  * some minor design fixes

==== 19.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed price history chart
  * Optimized card edition and language selector
  * Some style updates

==== 18.09.2013 ====
  * Added all cards from Theros

==== 10.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed card images not updating.

==== 03.09.2013 ====
  * Faster price updates in particular for highly available cards (commons)
==== 02.09.2013 ====
  * Fixed crash related to design changes on MCM.
  * Fixed a bug related to an outdated PHP version. Server upgrade should have fixed this.

==== 01.09.2013 ====
  * Finally fixed the Basic Land issue. You now have to select an edition for the land if you really need them.
  * Fixed some other problems for card versions which have been removed from MCM.

==== 24.08.2013 ====
  * There's a problem when updating prices for basic lands. Please try to avoid those when calculating suggestions. You probably don't need them anyways.
==== 15.08.2013 ====
  * New price update didn't work for some cards from many editions
    * Fixed again
    * More Fixes. New Price update should be stable now.

==== 12.08.2013 ====
  * Fixed a crash related to unavailable card images
  * Updating prices should be much faster now, especially for heavily reprinted cards.

==== 09.08.2013 ====
  * Pricelist and wantlist would show outdated prices for unavailable cards.
==== 02.08.2013 ====
  * Fixed a crash when finding cards from new editions
==== 30.07.2013 ====
  * Revised all token cards.
==== 21.07.2013 ====
  * Shipping cost update for Czech Republic
  * Fixed Myr Tokens
  * Finnish translation thanks to jhavuka
==== 11.07.2013 ====
  * A small clarification: When you're buying tokens for premium coupons, the shipping value is included in the coupon value.
  * More updates and features ahead.
==== 09.07.2013 ====
  * Added Magic 2014 Core Set
  * Fixed a crash related to a Presale of Magic 2014 Sign in Blood, which didn't actually exist.
==== 03.07.2013 ====
  * Updates Shipping costs originating from Belgium, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Poland and Portugal
  * Added Croatia to available countries
  * Fixed adding of Tokens which have their specification in brackets.
  * Small layout changes, making login, logout and edit profile accessible on every page

==== 13.06.2013 ====
  * Fixed a crash on some offer comments containing strange characters
  * Imagelist now shows want details as tooltip
  * various minor fixes
  * You can now switch the view from within a view (Decklist, Tableview, etc.)
  * Best price feature requires a registered account

==== 05.2013 ====
  * Catalan translation update thanks to Daniel
  * Fixed a few problems with updating prices
  * Some internal tuning.

  * Fixed a problem with registrations where you would just get an error message and can't retry afterwards. Sorry for the inconveniences. If you already encountered this problem you can reset your password.
  * Polish translation thanks to grimskies
  * Set up a Facebook Page for those who prefer to contact me there.

  * French translation fixes by Yannick
  * Fixed statistics data and layout

  * Some layout fixes for Chrome, IE and mobile browsers

  * Fixed a problem that made it really difficult to update prices.
  * Some database tuning

  * Another server downtime is scheduled for tonight around midnight.
  * All done. Finally everything is running smooth. Please [[contact]] me otherwise.

  * Fixed a bug when updating prices. Memo to self: Always test, no matter how small a change is...
  * Expect a server reboot with some maintenance downtime tonight.
  * Server changed again. Hopefully this time with enough RAM.

  * There can now be a total of 3 recommendation calculations simultaneously for registered users. However prices update from MCM is still a bottleneck.

  * Said and done: Moved to bigger server with double cpu power, double ram and double cost. Please report any problems.
  * I think I fixed most problems related to the server move now.
  * Added some statistics about (registered) users and languages

  * You can now add all Tokens, Schemes, Planes, Emblems and Vanguard cards.
  * Price update from MKM optimized.
  * Catalán translation fixes by DanieLegend
  * Database now weighs 4GB. Will probably have to move to a bigger server soon.

==== 04.2013 ====
  * Added Imagelist view to share menu
  * Optimized and fixed layout, especially for mobile (small) screens
  * Fixed copying cards to other wantlists not copying received count
  * import/export now includes card version if available

  * Pricechart is now shown on click to make it available to mobile browsers
  * Fixed slow page loading in the wiki
  *  translation by Damien Lecleire

  * Implemented new [[Premium]] system
  * Added Gatecrash cards (mostly english card names only, blame gatherer)
  * Some usability and design improvements
  * Danish translation thanks to pingel
  *  translation by buddha84
  *  translation by giventofly

  * Fixed a problem when retrieving prices for cards like "Lim-Dûl's Vault" and "Æther Vial"
  * Almost done with the new donation system. Only missing the translations.
  * Fixed an endless loop during calculations caused by playsets
  * Dragon's Maze is not yet available. Flip/Split/Transform cards are a nightmare

  * Prices could not be updated because of changes on MCM. Fixed now.
  * Proxyprinter and all other images will work again after price update.

  * Had to revert back to the old shipping cost calculation as I was unable to fix the inconsistencies manually. This means that the additional MCM insurance fees will not be included into the calculation any more.
  * New premium scheme is still without doing due to lack of time

==== 03.2013 ====
  * Fixed a crash when retrieving prices
  * Changed the export to MKM wants. As you can now have multiple lists you need to select the target list first and then copy&paste the add link.
  * Shipping costs are still outdated.

  * Some changes on MCM caused this program to stop finding offers.
  * Lots of shipping costs changed. This will take a while.
  * I've written up a draft on the future . Please have a read and comment it until April.

  * The layout changes caused some collateral damage on the card suggestions. Fixed

  * Added "Report Problem" link to the menu and made some layout changes

  * The previous price parser fix caused actually more damage by multiplying all prices with 100. Should now be finally fixed.
  * The price chart contained a lot of bumps with sudden low availability and high prices.
  * The cost result total sometimes contained fractions of eurocents.

  * Fixed decklist import allowing invalid editions for cards
  * some translation fixes
  * price parser fixes for cards containing comma, (e.g. "Rakdos, Lord of Riots")

  * It wasn't possible to use the selected cards action move and copy to other list if you only had one list
  * Portuguese translation fixes by giventofly
  * Minor fix when updatng card prices with strange characters in their names (e.g. AEtherize)

  * it's now possible to export parts or your entire list to the MCM wants
  * some more mobile screen enhancements
  * workflow tweaks.
  * Fixed Opera not being able to open tabs

==== 02.2013 ====
  * Fixed the layout for small screens (tablets, smartphones)
  * Edition could not be selected after non-english language was set.
  * other sales from seller didn't work for cards with multiple possible languages selected
  * custom insurance limit and domestic shipping were never saved as default

  * Fixed another crash related to playset offers
  * added two new actions regarding received cards
  * calculation timer fixed

  * The cardname suggestions dropdown will now always show exact hits first
  * some design fixes

  * Accented card names like El-Hajjâj, Junún Efreet, Ifh-Bíff Efreet, Dandân, etc. caused crashes when updating prices
  * proxyprinter did not show cards if no language was selected
  * some minor fixes on proxyprinter

  * increased price chart delay and added highlights to current list row
  * added community section with links to some forums

  * Clarified price-chart contents
  * Wantlist import now supports editions.
  * Price-chart is now only in pricelist and wantlists of registered users.
  * Added the "any language" checkbox to the card language selector
  * some translation fixes

  * Added a price and availability chart to the cards of the pricelist and wantlist. Just move the mouse over the card and wait a second.
  * Tuned the sales chart in the statistics
  * some layout improvements and fixes
  * You can now define an minimum amount at which to require insured shipping from new sellers.
  * Forgot to remove some debug code from the registration process which resulted in no password to be sent to your inbox. Please try to login with any password and then use the password reset link offered.

==== 01.2013 ====
  * Wiki update. If you spot any errors [[contact]] me.
  * Layout and caching fixes
  * Some tuning for mobile browsers and small screens.
  * New users now have a 7 days evaluation period
  * I plan on changing the premium features around calculation time as it's really hard to grasp. More likely changing the number of cards that can be evaluated at once. Still brainstorming. If you have an idea, please let me know.

  * The French and Portuguese login pages didn't have any labels for the inputs. So only the smart knew where to put username and password.
  * Somehow new registrations didn't get any passwords sent. I couldn't really find the source of this problem, so please just use the reset-password link if you don't get a message after 10 minutes. If it still doesn't work [[contact]] me!
  * some SEO cleanup

  * I think I've finally fixed the crashes with playset offers now.
  * you now get a hint if a new referral coupon is available.
  * I'm now collecting calculation statistics to be able to predict the expected calculation time.
  * redirect timeout fix
  * language selection tuned (may require a F5 page reload the first time)
  * some minor fixes.

  * Added referral system: for everyone who signs up stating you as referrer you get a coupon for 7 days premium usage. Simply share your decklists and tell your friends about this site.
  * added some nice shiny icons

  * Finished updating shipping costs. There are still a few missing but only for single shipments of more than 200 cards.
  * Fixed the proxy printer which caused the database server to crash and hang
  * There is still a problem with playset offers. I'm on it.

  * Added Gatecrash cards
  * Updated first batch of shipping changes, but these are still missing: France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Slovenia. Lots of manual changes and progress is slow.

  * Italian translation thanks to Buddha84
  * Still no ETA for the shippingcost update

  * Looks like all shipping costs were only correct for a short time. Apparently a lot of postal services changed their fees this year. Need to update again.

  * The print views are now (also) share views with some design and share buttons.

  * The latest playset fixes caused the optimization to stop working so results were not optimal
  * importing a foreign wantlist will no longer copy the received count
==== 12.2012 ====
  * It wasn't possible to actually change one's own password as you couldn't enter your username
  * Fixed a crash if the same seller had a card as playset and normal offer

  * For some users the All-in-one offers were hidden and could not be made visible again.

  * Fixed a crash if more than one playset offer had to be considered
  * Shipping costs should now be accurate including the MCM internal insurance cost. No more parcel shipping requirements.

  * Added option to set a custom price limit to require shipping insurance (values >25 will have no effect; set to 0 to always require insurance)

  * Fixed incorrectly encoded (not-utf8) wantlist names

  * Fixed a problem with numeric wantlist names (again)
  * Coupon codes were not always accepted.

  * Design fix for the All-in-one offers (not needed for premium users so they are hidden by default)
  * For a yet unknown reason sometimes the tool only wants three or less cards from a playset offer. There will now be a fatal error when that happens so I can see why and how that happened.

  * Updated and fixed shipping costs
==== 11.2012 ====
  * When adding a single card: Editions are now updated if the card is changed after an edition has been selected for the first time
  * fixed design of warnings when calculating purchase recommendations
  * card images were not always updated
  * Fixed some IDW Promos

  * Calculated prices were sometimes too high
  * Playsets are now respected (please report if you see errors)
  * Offer display design changed
  * Ignore insurance option did not work at all
  * Shipping prices changed on MKM. Will be updated soon, please stand by.

  * Domestic Shipping requirement is now more visible

  * Fixed a bug when importing foreign wantlists with numerical names
  * Bugfix for certain browsers
  * Incorrect users online count on statistics page

  * Due to the crash yesterday some stale temporary files blocked the calculate price function today.

  * The trio infernale Google, MSN and Baidu put the server under such heavy load that it was inaccessible for some times. Tried to leverage this problem.
  * Added a users online counter.
==== 10.2012 ====
  * Lists now have a format check, which checks legal editions and official banlists.
  * Pricelist can now be filtered by format
  * Minor bugfixes

  * Added a price tendency indicator to MCM pricelist based on the average price of the last 4 days.

  * Added Catalan translations thanks to DanieLegend
  * Portuguese language fixes by giventofly

  * Fixed a problem with cards which appeared in the IDW Promos edition (edition could not be added)

  * If the username was in wrong case the program would complain that the password is wrong.
  * Clarified the reset password function.
  * Some more clarifications regarding login and register.

  * Improved Error handling
  * Added custom error pages

  * MKM Pricelist recent editions filter now ignores non-legal editions. You can still select them explicitly.
  * Pricelist filters are now available to all registered users.
  * Shortened URLs
  * Solved problem with print views for lists with strange characters
  * Had to disable wantlist notes for unregistered users because of spammers

  * Added MKM Pricelist
  * Fixed an error occurring when reloading the page after having moved some files

  * First Order Referral Bonuses were not credited correctly.
==== 09.2012 ====
  * Fixed a problem with listnames being a large number

  * Minimum prices and availabilities were not always updated correctly

  * Fixed sample wantlists
  * Latest changes are now directly displayed on start page.

  * Added Return to Ravnica
  * Wantlist speed fix

  * Fixed a problem with signups

  * Fixed a problem with fetching prices for cards with names which also appeared in other languages but for different cards.
  * Card name suggestion will now only show cards in English or the selected language of the MCWL.
  * If you require a specific non-english language of a card, the translated card name is displayed in the wantlist, e.g. Mulldrifter (Vagabond des pensées) if you selected french as required language.

  * Fixed a problem with the update prices for all wantlists option
  * Purchase recommendations now show the card image as tooltip
  * You can now add notes to each wantlist. Notes are also shown on tableview and checklist view.
  * Print views are now available to anonymous users

  * Fixed a problem when changing to wholesale view in purchase recommendations view.

  * Fixed some bugs introduced in yesterdays update (decklist import, duplicate cards merge)

  * Reset password function now has a flood delay.
  * Preparations for price lists and price history charts.
  * Many performance optimisations.
  * Small fix on MKM flood control.
  * Minor layout changes.
  * Decklist import fix.

  * So I was wrong and Alpha is legal with opaque sleeves. Seems like there's a new ruling to be found every day ;)
  * Removed some debug code.
  * You can now reorder wantlist entries by drag&drop using the handle on the left end. You also have the option to just reorder automatically by column (e.g. by card name) and then check "Save current sequence" at the bottom.
  * Added Table View for wantlists to edit them easier in Excel or LibreOffice Calc or whatever tool you prefer.

  * Added some delays to respect MCM flood control returning only blank pages
  * Increased redirect page delay so you have time to actually read the message
  * Tooltip images on statistics page are now only legal editions.
  * Alpha is no longer a legal edition. You'd have to play a Alpha-only deck to make it legal, so it's not longer legal by default. You can still select it manually.
  * Fixed a stupid error that would reset all card quantities to 1 when applying any changes to the list. Sorry for the problems this may have caused.
  * Fixed another error caused by reducing the number of needed cards below the amount received.

  * Added all cards from Harper Prism Promos

  * Fixed a problem with unavailable shipping costs for package insurance (>= 75euros)
  * Fixed some cards being labelled as European Limited/Unlimited instead of Foreign White/Black Bordered (These editions were renamed on MCM twice: German/French/Italian Limited -> European Limited -> Foreign Limited etc.)

  * Buying suggestion will now retry itself if the MCM server didn't respond saving you from reload clicks.
  * Prices were also updated for cards which have already been received.
  * Proxyprinter will no longer print a dash if there's no subtype
  * fixed an error popup if you added a card to the list without waiting for suggestions.

  * Fixed a problem with the decklist/checklist view if the wantlist name contained slashes "/".

  * Localized (= Translated) some error message and made them more understandable.
  * Referrals where not credited correctly (Never do Unique key checks on null-able columns, never! And an integer from the database shows up as a double in PHP with all possible rounding errors.)
  * It was impossible to add a card as Chinese traditional and offers of such cards weren't saved correctly (dear fellow programmers, please use sql-mode strict where possible)
  * Fixed an error with wantlists with empty names not being accessible as decklist/checklist
==== 08.2012 ====
  * Some Portuguese translation fixes by giventofly

  * Fixed a crash when importing a foreign wantlist if some cards already existed (they are now added)
  * Small fix in Portuguese translation

  * Fixed an error that prevent the deletion of ignored offers.
  * I kind of "lost" a few donations. They should be all correct now. Sorry to the affected users. Donation handling is now semi-automatic so I can't fuck up manually.
  * Manual prices update wouldn't work if no edition was selected.
  * Fixed some design errors in the proxy-printer

  * Changed "buying suggestions" to "purchase recommendations". Should be clearer in most cases.
  * Some internal fixes which hopefully didn't break anything else.

  * The card Lich couldn't be found because its name was so short and MCM search turned up 450 results over 15 pages. Added manually to the local index (omitting MCM search)

  * French translation fixes by Yannick
  * small style fixes
  * fixed an error occurring when modifying two cards to become identical

  * The default behaviour on duplicate card entries is now merge and add quantities. As a reminder for all other programmers: Never ever ever allow NULL on a database column with a unique or primary key.
  * Fixed decklist import and copy/move actions.
  * Fixed "Could only find 0 offers for card" error.

  * card image tooltips for checklist, decklist, wantlist and statistics. (You may have to reload F5 to make them work properly)

  * MCM now distinguishes between Chinese simplified and traditional. So does the MagicCardWantlist.

  * Fixed a fatal error that would occur sometimes when adding cards to the shopping cart (server overload)
  * Fixed Spanish translation thanks to Javier
  * Fixed small error when trying to add basic lands to wantlist
  * Session should now stay active for 40 hours instead on 20 minutes.
  * Added statistics for countries
  * The downtime during updates should be much less from now on.

  * Fixed unknown editions import
  * cards were counted wrong

  * introduced toolbox
  * added import foreign list
  * added delete list
  * moved logout to language selector
  * some design improvements
  * removed social media bar from wantlists (may add it later for checklists/decklists)
  * fixed subtypes in proxy view

  * Another **big change**: You can now select from all editions available on the MKM, especially those early and promo editions. You can even select a WCD or IE card, but default is only tournament legal.
  * Fixed the all-in-one sales to work better if you have the same card in multiple versions.
  * Fixed the tooltip position.
  * Some minor bugfixes.
  * Portuguese language fixes thanks to José
  * Spanish language fixes thanks to David
  * French language fixes thanks to Yannick
  * Updating prices will now only fetch the selected editions instead of all (should help with basic lands)

  * **BIG CHANGE** I finally found a way to modify the algorithm so that a card may appear multiple times on a single list and the calculation would still work. However this requires that the cards are sufficiently distinctive, e.g. different editions, different languages, foil/non-foil, etc. You will get an error when loading the suggestions if one offer would satisfy two or more wants. In that case either differentiate them or merge them (= add the quantities and delete all but one).
  * Tried to clarify that the CPU time is **NOT** used up, but is rather a constant maximum.
  * Fixed some bugs introduced with the previous changes.
  * Page should now load a bit faster in your browser.
==== 07.2012 ====
  * added redirect page.
  * translated error messages.
  * reworked login system to use cookies so it works even in Safari.
  * changed layout to work better in phones and pads.
  * more translations.
  * wiki cleanup
  * fixed a bug when changing the language of the buying suggestion.

  * Fixed a problem with the proxy printer always reducing the fontsize of the name to a minimum.
  * You can also get a premium account by buying from an MKM-account with mine as a referrer.

  * Fixed Sturmgeist (German: Unwettergeist) being confused with Storm Spirit (German: Sturmgeist)
  * Helping me to improve this program is now officially another option to become a Premium user. Check the To-Do list at the top of this page.

  * Fixed a strange bug with sellers having 0 (zero) items of a card.

  * Fixed a critical bug that would crash and block the webserver on certain cards when fetching prices.
  * You can now apply some actions on the cards in your buying suggestions like delete/move/copy to other lists.
  * Added two views of your wantlist for printing or hand out as links to others.

  * Added Shipping costs for seller from Israel (based on guessing and experimenting)
  * Almost finished updating all cards from gatherer (started one week ago)

  * Added Magic 2013 cards
  * Fixed proxyprinter to show entire card in chosen language. If English is a possible language for a card, the current oracle text will be used.
  * Added some missing editions for certain cards.
  * Added a brief  on how to import your MCM wantlist into this tool.
==== 06.2012 ====
  * The database server was unable to find certain cards for the drop-down suggestions, like the "Shrine of..." types.
  * Fixed a problem with empty wantlist names
  * Fixed error reporting not reporting some times.

  * Some parts of the page were not loading correctly.
  * Removed ads as the turnover is horrible and I rather not disfigure the page with it. I can barely buy a sandwich from that let alone pay for the server.

  * Fixed a problem that prevented registrations.

  * Fixed a few link problems that would make you end up on different wantlists

  * Bugfixes
  * Donators and contributors overview in the statistics

  * The MagicCardWantlist is no available in Portuguese thanks to giventofly.
  * some more translation fixes

  * Fixed disambiguation bug for cards with multiple names (flip, split, transform)
  * Fixed tooltips
  * updated server to latest software
  * fixed error reporting
  * had to reduce the allowed memory size again otherwise the webserver would crash. Current donation level doesn't allow for a bigger server.
  * Loading process is now a big more verbose showing the number of relevant offers per card.
  * The ignore setting of cards is now copyable through the actions menu.

  * Fixed problem with long coupon codes
  * Proxy printer should now respect the language if possible (many translations are still missing in the gatherer and hence are missing here)
  * Adding an existing card will now just add the quantity and show a warning. Other properties are not changed (condition, foil, etc.)

  * Added Planechase 2012 Cards
  * Fixed missing cards in database
  * Fixed proxyprinter not showing card text for reprinted cards.
  * "Recover password" and "register account" now redirect to your MCM inbox where you receive the message.
==== 05.2012 ====
  * Fixed card suggestions for names with words < 3 letters
  * database tuning
    * Fucked up the ignored sellers. Many entries got lost. Sorry :(
  * Added Ads for non-donators.
  * More internationalisation fixes for typing cardnames in foreign languages
  * Card names fixes (mostly "Æ"-related)

  * Fixed a registration bug causing usernames to be regarded as invalid.

  * Adapted to some more design changes on MCM
  * Introduced up/down counters for easy quantity changing.

  * Design fixes and tweaks
  * Database speedup fixes.
  * Fixed the [[contact]] form.
  * Updated parser to new MCM design
  * fixed logout

  * Coupon overview (amount, expiretime, etc.)
  * Fixed registration bug
  * Password for new users are sent to their MCM inbox.
  * All registered users get a free 1 day coupon for testing. It will be automatically enabled for new registrations.

  * Fixed autocomplete options not showing best results or any at all
  * Fixed tooltips
  * Added Card image tooltips
  * Proxyprint now respects selected edition

  * Added password recovery option.

  * Updated all shipping costs

  * Fixed a price parsing bug (Séance, Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, 6th, Battle Royale, Beatdown, Commander)
  * Minor bugfixes and design changes.

  * Fixed proxy printer (tested with Firefox, other browsers will follow)
  * More internationalisation fixes.
  * Decklist import will now add the cards if they already exist.

  * Fixed disambiguation feature for decklists.
  * Fixed update prices.
  * Fixed and improved All-in-one offers suggestions.
  * Best-Price suggestion is now .
  * Improved support for non-english filenames. However not all foreign card names are listed in the gatherer.
  * some usability improvements.

  * Fixed Price update not working.
  * Added ambiguous card warning, e.g. Zeitsieb (de), Desviar (es), Dépérissement (fr), Explosão de Chamas (pt), ... (135 more)
  * Fixed Split card price updated fail.

  * Fixed incorrect shipping costs (ongoing project)
  * More performance tweaks

  * Performance Tweaks
  * Bugfixes (no sellerid given, proxyprint displaying cards from other wantlists and bringer the server to its knees, etc.)
  * Language selection is now available also on wantlist page

  * Added some sample pages to the start page (only visible if not logged in)
  * Added new statistics about sellers

  * Fixed an error in the copy/move to other wantlist action if the card already existed.
  * Increased available memory to 512MB RAM.
  * Improved the register account function to also work for users who do not sell anything on MCM.
  * Improved error handling. I should not receive an email whenever something goes wrong.

So far it has been 5 months since the last donations which barely covered the server fees. Therefore a few changes:
  * Anonymous Wantlists will be indexed by Google
  * To get the best price from any number of sellers you need an account. To get an account just click on register above and enter your MKM username and some (other) password. If it fails you can still send me a message.
  * Coupons will be valid for 90 days (does not affect old coupons)

  * Added this wiki for all documents regarding the MagicCardWantlist

==== 12.2011 ====
  * Moving from free webspace to own (virtual) server to get rid of downtimes due to overload.

==== 09.2010 ====
  * first public release called "CardCostCalculator"

==== 05.2008 ====
  * First version. Not public yet

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