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Frequently Asked Questions

Below a list of common questions and their answers


What does this program do?
  • This program lets you add "Magic: The Gathering" cards to a wantlist and calculates a purchase recommendations for you on how to buy which offers from the MagicCardMarket to save as much money on shipping as possible.
  • It allows you to manage several (deck)lists with your account and provides several tools, like Import/Export, copy, move, mass-edit, etc.
  • It can generate a page of proxies which you can print and cut out to test your decks.
Can I download the program and run it on my computer/tablet/phone? Coming soon...
A translation is wrong or missing.

Almost all translations are provided by helpful users.

You can either submit a suggestion for a translation or become more committed and earn Premium credits for new translations.


The dropdown list shows "Card not found!" when I want to add a card. This happens mostly when you want to add cards of new sets. I have to import the new card lists from Wizards' Gatherer manually once they are available. If a card isn't listed in the Gatherer, I cannot add it. Particularly not all translations are available so try to use the english card names.

Otherwise please contact me.

When I add a card to the list the quantity has a red background This means that the price cache does not yet contain any offers for this card.
Once you calculate the purchase recommendations the program will update all current offers and the warning should be gone.
Given that your requirements can be fulfilled (e.g. a card must have been printed in the selected language) and somebody is offering this particular card.
Why is the number of cards on my wantlist limited? To have larger number of cards on your wantlist you have to become a Premium user.
The maximum number of cards that can be added to a list is 120.
How to buy lots of cards on MagicCardMarket? The maximum number of cards that can be added to a list is 120. This limit isn't arbitrary but marks the point where almost all calculations can be finished in under 5 minutes. Beyond that point the time needed increases rapidly to hours and many days.

If you need to buy more than 120 cards at once you can use the following strategy.

There is an undocumented feature on the MagicCardMarket if you have unpaid orders for a seller. If you purchase more cards from the same seller, these cards are added to the existing order instead of creating a new order. This way the shipping costs only rise as if you had made one big order instead of many small ones from the same seller. When you place a new order from a seller with unpaid orders the displayed shipping cost and total cost values are wrong. Once you confirm the order and do not pay immediately (e.g. via PayPal) the order is merged to the existing one and the shipping costs are recalculated.

  1. If you want to calculate purchase recommendations for many cards create multiple wantlists with around 100 cards each.
  2. Withdraw all money from your MagicCardMarket account!
  3. Next calculate the purchase recommendations for the first list and sort the result by seller name (click on the column header).
  4. Deselect all rows with sellers with only one card. Add the current purchase recommendations to your shopping cart and confirm the purchase on the MagicCardMarket but do not pay them yet.
  5. Now invert the selection and mark only the rows with sellers with only one card. From the action menu select to move the selected rows to your next wantlist.
  6. Repeat the process at step 3. with your next wantlist until all cards are successfully added to orders.

Purchase recommendations

I get the message "Calculator currently in use by someone else" when I start the calculation. The calculator has only a limited number of slots available. You will have to wait until a slot used by someone else becomes empty.

The Best Price option using the Java Applet is not affected by this restriction

I get suggestions for offers that don't exist. The program uses a local price cache to avoid updating the prices on each calculation from the MagicCardMarket for one day.
Sometimes articles are sold in the meantime. Simply tick the checkbox to update prices and wait
The Java Applet doesn't seem to work. The progress bar doesn't move a bit. Check the ETA displayed by the applet. Notice that the first number is the year. The applet calculates the exact best solution. But due to the nature of the mathematical problem this can take up to millions of years with a medium to large list.

This ending date however is a worst case. This means that the calculation will always end before that date. So if the date is only a few hours in the future it will usually finish in a few minutes.

To get an idea of how many possible combinations the applet will have to consider have a look at the number of offers loaded for each card. Then multiply these numbers to get the total number. It is recommendable to exclude high-availability items like basic lands or be more specific to reduce the number of offers.

This applet is only a first step to gather some experience with client-based calculation.
Unfortunately development was already well advanced when the owners of Java made some serious decisions to allegedly secure it. Due to these changes once I've created a stable version of the applet I will abandon its development and move to real Applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

The other calculation option now named "Good Price" is exactly the same method as before but it created unsatisfying results for small lists. That's where the Java applet has its strength.

Shipping Costs

The suggestion tells me to buy from a seller without insurance, but on MCM the insurance is mandatory for this seller. This is the effect of a security function in MCM that prevents users to have more than a certain amount of X€ in wares circulating without a confirmation of reception. As this amount X for each seller is unknown as well as the number of currently pending shippings, this program cannot take it into account.

However this usually occurs on new sellers which can be filtered or ignored in the seller requirements.

The shipping costs calculated don't match the actual ones on MCM This occurs from time to time when MCM changes the shipping costs for certain countries without any announcement.In this case the administrator is notified and will take care of this as soon as possible.


I can't login! Make sure that you're typing in the username and password correctly. Both are case sensitive. Your username has the same case as on the MagicCardMarket, even though they don't care about the case. Best is to copy&paste the username and password from the message you have received.

If you lost your password you can have it reset by using the password-reset-link on the login page that appears after you tried to log in with your username. The new password will be sent to your MCM inbox. You will be redirected there after it has been sent.

Also make sure to allow Cookies and JavaScript. The latter is used to encrypt your password before sending, so make sure you don't use any 3rd party login mechanisms.

What is this "API Key" and where do I get it from? The API Key is provided by the and is shown at the bottom of your profile.

This API Key enables the wantlist to execute some actions on your MCM account without you having to hand out your password. You should never enter any password on any other site except the one where you created it.

Using this API Key the MagicCardWantlist will be able to:

  • Read and write your MCM Wantslists
  • Add articles to your shopping cart

With the API key many other things are also possible, but not implemented by the MCWL. These include:

  • Create and delete MCM Wantslists
  • Add and remove articles from your stock
  • Checkout your shopping cart

Explicitly it is impossible with your API Key to

  • View or change your personal and banking details
  • Send or withdraw money from your account
  • Send or read contact messages
  • View your sales and buys


I found an error in the Program. Please contact me and tell me short but precise what you did to encounter this problem. Tell me what I need to do to get the same error.
It is also helpful to provide me your account and wantlist names as well as a copy or screenshot of the error text.
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